Aire Tomcat Solo - whitewater kayak

The Tomcat Solo is an entry-level boat built with a heavy-duty PVC outer shell, double top-stitched seams and 20-gauge vinyl bladders. The Solo can be used for day trips or lightweight overnighters and is an excellent choice for folks who want to try the sport of whitewater kayaking.

  • Mildly rockered, 3-chamber hull offers agility on the river yet tracks well on calm water
  • Thick, PVC-coated nylon I-beams offer superior strength and stability
  • PVC-coated polyester reinforces outer shell and enhances puncture and tear resistance; highly durable vinyl bladders offer superior flotation
  • Self-bailing floor quickly drains water
  • Adjustable seats with backrests offer comfortable back support
  • High-quality Summit valves make inflation easy; protective caps screw down securely to eliminate debris and accidental deflation
  • 12 pairs of cargo loops allow easy attachment of accessories and gear; large carry loops at bow and stern ease transport to the water

Length: 10'3"
Weight: 40 lb
Capacity: 325 lb
Class: up to class IV

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Aire Sawtooth Solo - flatwater kayak

The Aire Sawtooth Inflatable Kayak challenges you to find inner peace. This is an ideal craft for paddling on lakes, bays and easy rivers. Its hull design and removable skeg harmoniously slice the water for a relaxed paddling experience and it's been boasted as one of the fastest IK's under 15 feet.

The Aire Sawtooth Inflatable Kayak even comes with a removable skeg to help you paddle a straight course. The ribbed floor chambers and removable skeg work well to assist smooth flatwater paddling and improve tracking. An inflatable IK like the Sawtooth stores easily and packs small for transporting and comes with a comfortable seat that can be located anywhere along the boat. Thigh straps available upon request.

    2 carry handles
    Self bailing
    18 sets of cargo loops
    Outer PVC Shell
    Vinyl AIREcell System
    Continuous Curve
    Summit II valves
    Length: 13' 3"
    Load Capacity: 400

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